Sunday, April 10, 2011

Project: OCS Program Design

  • To become more proficient with the Photoshop tools as well as finding a creative use of the tools to achieve an interesting design.
  • To be responsible in following copyright laws when using digital images from stock photo websites.
  • To use principles of design to create an appealing cover for the spring program.To create a cover that communicates the theme of the Spring Show.
Lower School is based on 1960’s music and is called “Feelin’ Groovy”
Let’s take a look at the 1960’s…

The Style




Musical Elements





1. Review over the project.  You must use images from public domain websites to follow copyright laws.
2. Open Photoshop. Go to Open > New. Make sure to set up the size of your document Width 5.5 inches and Height 8.5 inches and 120 resolution. This is the size of the program cover and it will keep you from working too small. 
3. Create the background texture. You will choose a texture BittBox: Free Texture Tuesday. You may want something that is not to rough of a texture. Click on the image of the texture and once you get to the largest picture file, right-mouse click over the image and save it to your folder. Open the image in Photoshop and move it into your program cover file.
4. Create a gradient using colors that fit the style of the 60’s. Select the gradient tool and click and drag onto a new layer. Use a Blend Mode to blend the gradient to the texture.
gradientTool Gradient Tool (Toolbar) and Options at the top of window (open the color palettes showing 1960’s color to use in your gradient colors.)
Blend Mode – found in the Layers Palette
5. Layering brushes. I have added some brushes to a folder called RetroLibraray. These brushes are to help you with your design. you may use some of the brushes to stamp over the background. Make sure to stamp each brush on to a new layer.
brushTool Brushes Tool (Toolbar) and Palette
foreground-backgroundColor Foreground and Background color are used to change the color of the Brushes.
6. Layer retro objects. There is a Photoshop file in the RetroLibrary called retroObjects that have black and white images of objects like a record, turntable, microphone, etc. These can be dropped into your program design. You can add a gradient, image adjustment to give the object some color.
Image > Adjustments > Gradient Map (open the color palettes showing 1960’s color to use in your gradient colors.)
  • Idea/Concept
  • Composition
  • Meeting the Objectives/Goals
  • Craftsmanship
Project worth 100 points. The student whose program cover gets picked to be used for the Spring Show will receive an extra 10 points.

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